Catie Conrad: How to Become the Most (un)Popular Girl in Middle School, by Angie Spady, Paperback

  • Author: Angie Spady
  • Illustrator: Channing Everidge

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Meet Catie Conrad—a typical, tween, Christian girl with—oh, just the weight of the world on her shoulders. This comical, want-to-be diva is back in action in the second book in the Desperate Diva Diaries series, along with her best friend Sophie, her brother the "Germ," and of course her arch nemesis , Miranda Maroni. The desperate diva isn't sure which is worse: the drama at school, or her stressed out home life. Luckily things get put into perspective as Catie Conrad finds that with faith in God, ALL things are possible.
  • - Second book in the Desperate Diva Diaries series
  • - How will Catie survive more clashes with the meanest girl around?
  • - Visit Catie and her diaries online at
  • - 304 pages 
  • - for kids ages 8 to 12 

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