Dog Show Disaster, Princess in Camo, Book 3, by Missy & Mia Robertson, and Jill Osborne, Paperback

  • Author: Missy Robertson
  • Author: Mia Robertson
  • With: Jill Osborne

SKU: 3671021

Reality TV star Allie Carroway may be over her head. Allie is elected by her schoolmates as the Student Project Manager of this year's end-of-the-year school carnival and fundraiser. She is excited, and her friends and family love her idea of adding the dog show to the festivities. It is a wonderful way to raise money for the local animal shelter.
Everything unravels really quickly. Big and small disasters happen, one after the other. Before long, Allie cannot imagine how the Ouachita Middle School Bark Fest could ever be a success. Things start to turn around with the support of the Carroway cousins, family, friends, and trust in God. A bit of bullying and rivalry along the way prove to be road blocks that hinder Allie's epic plans. See how cooperation and faith prevail in the third book in the Princess in Camo series.
The Princess in Camo series explores the nature of a family packed with social, cultural, and physical diversity. In their world filled with class and camouflage, the cousins are constantly seeking ways to love unconditionally through all the hiccups with the love and faith of family.
- Princess in Camo series
- Collaboration of Missy and Mia Robertson
- Part of Faithgirlz! line
- For girls ages 8 to 12