Finding Cabin Six, Princess in Camo, Book 4, by Missy & Mia Robertson, and Jill Osborne, Paperback

  • Author: Missy Robertson
  • Author: Mia Robertson
  • With: Jill Osborne

SKU: 3671039

Summertime for the Carroway family involves heading to camp for a thrilling week of fun, friends, and faith-building. This summer will be different. Rumors are circulating that the camp may be sold to a resort developer at the end of the season due to financial hardships. Cousins Allie, Kendall, Lola, Ruby, and Hunter are determined to find a way to save the camp.
The challenging task ahead requires strong prayer, a clever plan, and a little sleuthing. It's not easy accomplishing their goals when they are constantly surrounded by Madison Doonsberry and California surfer-boy Nathan Fremont. As they uncover information about a similar camp struggle in the past and find clues that lead them to the true story behind the disappearance of legendary girls' cabin six, the cousins learn they're right in the middle of God's plan to grow them closer together and discover the value of lost people.
The Princess in Camo series explores the nature of a family packed with social, cultural, and physical diversity. In their world filled with class and camouflage, the cousins are constantly seeking ways to love unconditionally through all the hiccups with the love and faith of family.
- Princess in Camo series
- Collaboration of Missy and Mia Robertson
- Part of Faithgirlz! line
- For girls ages 8 to 12