Imagine: The Great Flood, Imagine Series, Book 1, by Matt Koceich, Paperback

  • Author: Matt Koceich

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Ten-year-old Corey fell in the woods while chasing after his dog Molly. Then, the world around him as he knew it disappeared and he woke up face to face with two lions.
Join Corey as he experiences the excitement, wonder, and adventure on Noah's ark as he witnesses biblical events come to life.
Imagine...The Great Flood is the first entry in a thrilling new series for kids ages 8 to 12 written by school teacher and missionary, Matt Koceich. The Imagine series aims to bring Bible to life for kids as they get to see what it would be like to experience one of the key events of Scripture.
- 112 pages
- First entry in the Imagine series
- Brings events from the Bible to life in a fictional setting
- For ages 8 to 12
- For 3rd to 7th grade readers

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