Where Is Stonehenge by True Kelley, John Hinderliter, and David Groff, Paperback

  • Author: True Kelley
  • Illustrator: John Hinderliter
  • Illustrator: David Groff

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Stonehenge remains one of the most famous and mysterious monuments in the world. Set out on a journey to unravel some of the riddles surrounding this landmark.
Sitting on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England, this strange circle of stones attracts a lot of attention. True Kelley explores some of the popular theories surrounding these stones and some ideas of where it came from.
Chapters include:
- Where Is Stonehenge?
- Circles of Stones
- Who Built Stonehenge?
- Wrong and Wrong Again!
- Special Stones
- Building the Circles
- So What Was It For?
- The Early Diggers
- More Discoveries and More Confusion
- Tourists
- The Future
- Timelines
- Bibliography

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