Where Is the Amazon by Sarah Fabiny, Daniel Colon, and David Groff, Paperback

  • Author: Sarah Fabiny
  • Illustrator: Daniel Colon
  • Illustrator: David Groff

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Explore the wonders and beauty of the Amazon without having to risk life or limb.
Where Is the Amazon? shows the amazing scale of a single rain forest that holds mysteries we are still unraveling today. Human exploration has only begun to tap into the diverse populations existing along the banks of the Amazon River. Nearly 390 billion trees, 2.5 million insects, and hundreds of amazing creatures and plants that can either cure or kill all coexist in this amazing natural site.
Chapters include:
- Where Is The Amazon?
- The River Changes Course
- First Settlers
- Search for the City of Gold
- More Discoveries
- The People of the Amazon
- Layers of a Rain Forest
- Incredible Creatures
- Protecting the Forest
- A Trip down the Amazon
- Timelines
- Bibliography

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