Who Is Michael Jordan, by Kirsten Anderson and Dede Putra, Paperback

  • Author: Kirsten Anderson
  • Illustrator: Dede Putra

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Michael Jordan was a competitive child who played basketball, baseball, and football. He was a star in the NBA whose signature Air Jordans became the world's most popular basketball shoe. He is still seen as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
Meet the man who changed the basketball game forever. Michael Jordan was always competitive, even as a young boy, he fought desperately for attention. His desire to be the best led him to be a star player on his college basketball team and launched him into being an NBA legend. He is known both for his skills and his endorsements. The contract he signed with Nike for his Air Jordan basketball shoes set an unmatched precedent for professional athletes. Author Kirsten Anderson guide readers through the exciting moments of Michael Jordan's life and career, detailing the iconic reverse lay-ups and jump shots of Michael Jordan's extensive career.
Chapters include:
- Who Is Michael Jordan?
- Too Short
- Carolina Blue
- Love of the Game
- The Rookie
- Trust No One
- Three-peat
- Now Batting...Michael Jordan
- Three-peat, Part 2
- Wizard
- The Greatest