Who Was Beatrix Potter by Fabiny, Lacey, and Harrison, Paperback

  • Author: Sarah Fabiny
  • Illustrator: Mike Lacey
  • Illustrator: Nancy Harrison

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Beatrix Potter was born into wealth in London during the 1860s. She always had a vivid imagination. Her early interests were in the subjects of history and archaeology. She enjoyed sketching fossils and fungi. After a brief venture in illustrating Christmas cards with her brother, Bertram, Potter wrote and illustrated her well-known book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
The book was initially rejected by several publishers, until Frederick Warne took a risk in publishing the story in 1902. The risk eventually paid off. Peter Rabbit was a huge success, and readers enjoyed hearing about Peter's mischievous adventures in the lush English countryside.
When she got older, Beatrix Potter became a proud conservationist. She worked hard to defend the landscape she loved against industrialization and logging. Over one hundred years later, Peter Rabbit and his animal friends are cultural touchstones who continue to touch the hearts of young readers.
Chapters include:
- Who Was Beatrix Potter?
- A Private World
- On Her Own
- Struggles and a Story
- More Stories to Tell
- Success and Sadness
- A Home of Her Own
- A New Chapter
- A Changing World
- A Special Legacy
- Timelines
- Bibliography
- The 23 "Tale" Books by Beatrix Potter

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