Daddy’s Favorite Sound, by Brock Eastman, Kinley Eastman, and David Miles, Hardcover

  • Author: Brock Eastman
  • Author: Kinley Eastman
  • Illustrator: David Miles

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What sound could make the world go 'round?
Like our earthly parents, our Heavenly Father most delights in hearing us say "I love you," and expressing it right back at us.
Daddy's Favorite Sound uses the Bible as its model to celebrate the bond between parent and child and the profound love that lies at the center of that relationship.
Kid-friendly animal characters and whimsical illustrations fill the pages of Daddy's Favorite Sound. Follow a day in the life of Little Lion and Daddy Lion, as Little Lion eagerly tries to find her father's favorite sound.
As you read this fun picture book to your little one, you will hear those three special words, and say them back to your child, just as God does with us.
- 32 illustrated pages
- Kid-friendly animal characters
- Written by Brock and Kinley Eastman
- Recommended for ages 3 to 8
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