Dinosaurs for Kids, by Ken Ham, Hardcover

  • Author: Ken Ham

SKU: 1809235

Explores and explains the truth about dinosaurs

  • Formed: When dinosaurs were created.
  • Fearless: When dinosaurs lived among animals and humans without violence and fear.
  • Fallen: The age of sin and death.
  • Flood: Noah’s Ark, the great flood, when fossils were formed.
  • Faded: Age like today when things die out and become extinct.
  • Found: When people realized dinosaurs were real, not mythical creatures.
  • Fiction: We live in this age; when millions of years and evolution are taught as fact.

    Dinosaurs for Kids is filled with stunning, full-color illustrations merged with sound biblical teaching.

    Information-packed and powerfully presented, Dinosaurs for Kids (ages 7 to 12) is the one book on dinosaurs every family should own. Author Ken Ham, one of the most in-demand Christian speakers in North America, takes dinosaur lovers on an exciting, revealing, and simply amazing journey through time.
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