Maria Finds Courage: A Team Dungy Story About Soccer, by Tony Dungy and Lauren Dungy, Hardcover

  • Author: Tony Dungy
  • Author: Lauren Dungy
  • Illustrator: Guy Wolek

SKU: 3694817

Discover the courage to try new things.
Maria's family moves to a new town, and her parents sign her up for the summer soccer program to help her make new friends. Maria has never played soccer before. She misses her old swim team. Maria is scared that she will be the worst player on the team, and no one will like her.
Coach Tony and Coach Lauren remind Maria that everything is new at first. In order to see if she will like soccer, she has to at least give it a try. Is there something you want to try, but are afraid to? Just like Maria, you can have the courage to try something new. Who knows, maybe that new thing you try will become your next favorite thing?
- 32 illustrated pages
- Part of the Team Dungy series
- For ages 6 to 9

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