Mindware, Square Up: The Fast and Furious Slide-Puzzle Game, 1 to 2 Players, Ages 6 and Older

  • Brand: Mindware

SKU: 3746732

Are you good at slide puzzles? Challenge your friends and family to see who can finish their slide puzzle the fastest. In Square Up! you start by rattling the cube shaker to create a random pattern of colors, then open up your slide puzzle and try to match up the colors according to the shaker. The first one to finish closes the lid of the slide puzzle and wins the game. Play multiple rounds to see who can finish first the most amount of times. This color matching game builds visual thinking skills.
- 2 slide puzzles (8 inches each)
- 2 cube shakers
- Supports 1 to 2 players
- Recommended for ages 6 and older