Talicor, Ice Breaker Thumball, Silver and Black, 6 inches

  • Brand: Talicor

SKU: 3747094

Are you planning to bring together multiple friend groups, host a small group, or entertain the youth group in the near future? You may be searching for fun ice-breaker games that can motivate a group of strangers to warm up to the idea of making new friends. The Ice Breaker Thumball™ is a fun way to stimulate conversation among a new group. Throw the ball around the circle, as each person catches it, they are challenged to answer the question where there thumb lands. Describe your best concert experience, list your favorite books, detail your dream job, or worst job experience. Each of these conversation topics will be a fun way to get to know people, and even share more details about yourself.
- 6 inch thumball
- Fun ice breaker game
- Excellent activity for small groups and youth groups