Outset Media, Noah's Ark Tray Jigsaw Puzzle, 35 Pieces, 14 x 10 inches

  • Brand: Outset Media

SKU: 3707619

Noah and his family survived for some time on the open sea with a boat full of animals. This Bible story captures the attention of many children, and this floor puzzle gives them a chance to take a closer look at one artist's rendering of the biblical event. As children work to complete the puzzle, see if they can count all the animals, or name which ones they recognize.
Puzzles can be a fun way to develop early problem solving skills while piecing together an outstanding picture. As children begin developing their motor skills, a collection of puzzles can keep their attention occupied, and build toward a rewarding result.
- 35 piece tray puzzle
- Noah's ark theme
- 14 x 10 inches completed
- For ages 3 and older