The Defense of New Haven, DVD

  • Director: Joel Steege
  • Actor: Addison Charles
  • Actor: Amelia Joy

SKU: 3855897

When the Raiders start their attacks against the city of New Haven, it seems like a desperate situation. Alec joins the thin line of defense to protect his city. His physical handicap isn't helping, and members of his own team aren't very supportive. Alec has to choose where to keep his focus if he is to keep his job with the force, and if they are to stop the Raiders from demolishing the city. Join Alec, Eddie, Pete, and the crew as they fight through perilous adventures, hilarious mishaps, and tear-jerking moments in this allegorical tale packed with fun, humor, and a reminder about the importance of God's Word in our life.
- 82 minutes
- Written and directed by Joel Steege
- Stars Addison Charles, Amelia Joy, and Harrison Joel

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