Sleep Sound In Jesus Platinum: 28 Gentle Lullabies for Baby, by Michael Card, 2 CD Set

  • Artist: Michael Card

SKU: 345512

“Lullabies come around three times in the course of a lifetime, " Michael Card shares. "When we are babies, if we are fortunate, we hear them sung to us by our parents. When we are parents, if we are wise, we sing them to our babies. Then when we are grandparents, if we are especially blessed, we have that last wonderful chance to sing them again as we gaze into a little face, bits and pieces of which remind us of all our loved ones.”
This two disc collection is packed full of soft lullabies to soothe a restless child. This melodic tunes include passionate praise songs that can help you form a foundation of faith in your household. Play these songs as your little one goes to sleep, and sing along to strengthen your family bond.