VeggieTales, League of Incredible Vegetables, A Lesson on Handling Fear, DVD

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It's a normal day in Bumblyburg—that is until Dr. Flurry comes to town with an army of penguins! Sounds like a job for Larry-Boy, but he gets frozen by his enemy's superior tactics. Rushing to his rescue, the League of Incredible Vegetables (Thingamabob, aka Bob the Tomato; S-Scape, aka Mr. Lunt; Vogue, aka Petunia Rhubarb; and Ricochet, aka Junior Asparagus) attempts to unfreeze Larry-Boy, but can they overcome their fears and rescue the city?
This heroic new VeggieTales episode teaches kids how to handle fear. It features the new theme song and music video from Newsboys, plus the silly song "Super Hero." Bonus features include: "League of Incredible Vegetables" music video, behind the scenes, Super Hero Sing-Along, Incredible Vegetables theme song sing-along, guide to raising incredible kids, studio commentary, English and Spanish subtitles, and 5.1 surround-sound. This video features closed-captioning and is approximately 50 minutes long.
  • - A fun lesson in handling fear
  • - English and Spanish subtitles
  • - Suitable for kids and adults of all ages
  • - Bonus features
  • - 50 minute run-time


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