The Last Supper on the Moon Study with Streaming Video, by Levi Lusko

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  • Author: Levi Lusko

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Buzz Aldrin had a mission in the summer of 1969, to fly 240 million miles and, along with fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong, be the first to walk on the moon. Just moments before that historic step, Aldrin poured a specially prepared drink into a cup, and partook of a sacred celebration that had first taken place two thousand years earlier.

The lunar Last Supper was filled with meaning, just as it had been when Jesus took of the elements and acknowledged His calling and purpose. The significance doesn't end there. As we remember the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, followed by His resurrection, we are reminded that what seemed to be an end became the start of everything, to include the rescue and restoration of anyone who calls on Jesus' name.

Through this six-session video study, bestselling author and pastor, Levi Lusko journeys back in time and forward in hope, using the 1969 lunar mission as an analogy of the metamorphosis that was unleashed by the man from Galilee. Along the way, he uncovered the remarkable seven statements that Jesus made from the cross, words that provide us with everything we need in the chaos of our world to conquer judgment, persecution, anxiety, and pain.