Fruit of the Spirit: 48 Bible Studies for Individuals or Groups

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  • Author: Phyllis J. Lepeau
  • Author: Jack Kuhatschek
  • Author: Jacalyn Eyre

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These forty-eight Bible studies were written with one goal in mind -- to allow the Spirit of God to use the Word of God to produce fruit in your life. These studies will help you discover what the Bible says rather than simply telling you what it says. They encourage you to think and to explore rather than to merely fill in blanks. Fruit of the Spirit will help you discern what the Bible says about the vital traits that the Holy Spirit produces in believers, and move you beyond reflection to application. Designed for use as personal Bible study or group study, the interactive format will help you grow in your ability to reflect the character of Jesus and will aid not only in understanding the fruit, but also in applying them to daily life. Ideal for small group leaders seeking in-depth Bible studies, Fruit of the Spirit also includes expanded leader's notes for each Bible study. Fruit of the Spirit includes six studies on each of the following fruit: Faithfulness Gentleness Self-control Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness

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