Life Principles for Worship from the Tabernacle, by Various Authors

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  • Author: Wayne Barber
  • Author: Eddie Rasnake
  • Author: Richard Shepherd

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Your worship of God will be forever changed as the Tabernacle is brought to life.

Is there a right way to worship God? Throughout history, God has chosen to provide a way for man to worship Him and for nearly five hundred years, the Tabernacle was that way.

Through this detailed study of the Tabernacle, you'll learn there's a right way and yet many wrong ways to worship our Creator. The purpose of this study is to invite readers to worship God in God's way through the Object Lesson of the Tabernacle, Jesus Christ.

From the first lesson of this book, you'll see that centuries before the Tabernacle was constructed, God taught His people about worship. You'll discover that the earthly Tabernacle, and all its components hold a spiritual significance and was actually a model of the true Tabernacle in heaven, where Jesus Christ is eternally worshiped as King of kings and Lord of Lords.