The American Story: The Beginnings, by David Barton & Tim Barton

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  • Author: David Barton
  • Author: Tim Barton

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The United States of America is a unique nation that has experienced widespread levels of stability, individual prosperity, and personal freedoms that have shaped and defined the nation. Was it the people, principles, or blessings of God that made this nation different from the rest? It was all three that led America to become the most unique and exceptional nations in the history of the world.

Our past is filled with intriguing accounts of the brave and cowardly, of heroes and villains, of atrocities, corruption, and greed, as well as self-sacrifice, honor, and redemption. While America isn't perfect, we do have a compelling story of those seeking religious and civil freedom, escape from oppression, and bountiful opportunities. We even have a past of putting aside differences to acheive common goals. The American Story covers this cooperation and shares some of the interesting moments and people that reveal God's Providence in America. We have a fascinating history that deserves to be remembered.

Sections include:

- Discover & Early Planting
- The Colonial Period
- The American War for Independence
- The American Founding & the Federal Era
- The American Republic