Awake & Alive to Truth, by John Cooper

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  • Author: John L. Cooper

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Have you sensed the chaos, violence, confusion, and anxiety building up in our world? How can we know what's true when there are so many differing voices telling us what to do? After spending 23 years traveling the world in the Christian rock band Skillet, John L. Cooper has identified one consistent issue: people are desperately confused.

If you want to know what's true, you'll have to go to the source of all truth!

About a decade ago, John Cooper started hearing and seeing things that weren't adding up. Much to his dismay, much of it was coming from Christians, including those in leadership. He was stunned to find friends, acquaintances, and even public pastors and influencers announce their apostasy. The more he started talking to people and listening to their stories, the more he started to notice a common theme: people no longer believe in objective truth.

He's encountered self-professed Christians who don't believe the Bible, or at least all of Scripture. He's come across ministers who believe humans are born good. He's even met unbelievers who think they are more virtuous than Jesus. He started the Cooper Stuff Podcast and wrote Awake & Alive to Truth to speak to the foundational, no-nonsense, life-changing truth of Jesus Christ.

Awake & Alive to Truth covers some of the prevailing philosophies of our day, such as post-modernism, and the popular view of the goodness of man. He combats these viewpoints by standing on the absolute truth of God's Word. This book provides answers to some of the most asked questions in modern culture. John Cooper will take you on a journey with his personal stories, while covering the doctrine of original sin, the authority of Scripture, the danger of trusting in your emotions, and end with the greatest news possible: God wants to rescue you from the chaos and the darkness and bring you into His glorious light.

- Winner of the 2021 K-LOVE Fan Award for Book Impact
- Written by John Cooper of Skillet
- Covers contemporary cultural issues

Chapters include:

- Built On The Rock
- Your Truth My Truth The Truth
- In The Name of God
- I'm An Original
- Simply Irresistible
- Love Is Not God
- Tear Down Your Idols
- Jesus The Lion
- Shock and Awe
- Life or Death