The Josiah Manifesto, by Jonathan Cahn

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  • Author: Jonathan Cahn

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The Josiah Manifesto will take you on a prophetic journey from a Caribbean Island to the Washington D.C. to the ancient Valley of Hinnom to the Supreme Court to a desert mountain to an ancient middle eastern temple to the gates of America to uncover an ancient puzzle of stunning mysteries that lie behind the events of recent times that have altered our lives.

From the Island of Mysteries to the Stranger in the Living Room to the House of Fallen Children to the Mystery of Days to the Heavenly Court to the Potter’s Jar to the Vision to the Phinehas Factor to the Age of Apostasy to the Child of the Nile to the agents of Heaven on Earth.

And could all of these mysteries come together to open the door to the answer – an ancient key that will reveal what we need to know and do to stand and prevail in the days to come.