Gun Lap: Finishing Your Race with Grace, by Robert Wolgemuth, Hardcover

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  • Author: Robert Wolgemuth

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When the lead runner starts the final lap of a long-distance race, the starter fires the pistol for the second time. This signals the start of the gun lap, the last chance to leave it all out on the track.
Gun Lap is for men who find themselves at this point in their lives, running their last lap. It's also for younger men who are still a ways off from their gun lap, but want to live the rest of their lives with purpose and strength.
It's no small thing. In fact, it's a big deal, because we only get one chance at this life. The writer of the New Testament book of Hebrews wrote, "It is appointed unto people to die once—and after this, judgment" (9:27 CSB). If we only die once, we'd better pay close attention to how we live. Gun Lap will help you pay close attention to the life you have left by:
- Equipping you with biblical truth for days ahead
- Sharing encouraging stories of men in the race with you or ahead of you
- Challenging you to live the rest of your life with grace and strength