Peace: Hope & Healing for the Anxious Mommas Heart, by Becky Thompson

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  • Author: Becky Thompson
  • Foreword by: Tim Clinton

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Becky Thompson, the bestselling author of Love Unending and Midnight Mom Devotional is here to reassure anxious women that even if you can't shake off fear, your faith isn't broken.
For years now, Christian women have been told, “If you just prayed more, had more faith, and trusted Jesus, you’d have more peace.” What does it mean when a Christian mom continues to worry? How can you reconcile feelings of fear with faith in God? How can you raise children in a home full of peace when your heart is anything but peaceful?
Becky Thompson, a bestselling author with a degree in biblical studies, understands what it's like to suffer from crippling anxiety, a condition she's struggled to overcome most of her life. For her, and many others, the fear she faces isn't a faith issue, it's a physical one that impacts over 40 million adults in the United States.
As Becky explores the relationship between the promise of peace in Scripture and the reality of life, motherhood, and anxiety, she delivers both a practical and a spiritual approach to the discussion of anxiety, and how it impacts your mind, body, and spirit.

Peace is here to meet moms in the forest of fear where they have felt isolated and alone and guides them toward hope, reminding them that there are millions of other women who walk the same dark, uncertain trails they do and there isn't anything wrong in their faith because they can't shake the fear. Peace is a lifeline for the Christian mom who is seeking solid advice on sound doctrine and presented in a way that makes her feel understood and far less alone on her journey toward healing.
Chapters include:
- Unafraid of the Dark: What Does The Fear You Feel Say About Your Faith?
- Personalized Pathways to Peace: Jesus Heals Us Using Multiple Methods
- Lions, Tigers, and a Million Modern Fears (Oh My!): How Modern Motherhood Affects Our Mental Health
- Holy Spirit Wilderness Guide: We Don't Have To Be Afraid Because We Are Never Alone
- Trail Angels: We Need One Another To Overcome Anxiety
- Fire in the Forest: Recapturing The Power Of Our Imaginations
- Face The Wolf: How Avoidance Affects Our Anxiety
- Raccoons And Other Scavengers: How To Protect Your Peace At All Costs
- Sensible Stepping-Stones: Practical Methods To Increase Peace
- Walking in Circles: How To Stop The Worry Wheel And Walk Straight
- Lost and Found: Going Back Into The Forest To Walk Other Women Toward Freedom