The Well-Watered Woman, by Gretchen Saffles, Hardcover

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  • Author: Gretchen Saffles

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Discover the endless well-spring of God's Word, and experience a fullness and peace beyond your circumstances.
In the chaos of everyday life, it can be challenging to live out and apply the truths of Scripture. We desire more of Jesus, yet we find ourselves looking into our own lives and accomplishments for our worth and identity. While that may keep us afloat for a while, we're often left feeling dried up, discouraged, and longing for more.
Gretchen Saffles gets what it's like to feel overwhelmed and unable to flourish. In The Well-Watered Woman, Gretchen leads us to the Well of fullness, the Word of freedom, and the Way of fruitfulness. She teaches that God's Word can satisfy us for all eternity.
Using Scripture, along with her own personal story of surrender, Gretchen provides spiritually hungry women with tangible tools to not only known Jesus more, but to live a life that thoroughly enjoys Him, seeks Him, and follows Him into freedom.