A Place Called Heaven, by Dr. Robert Jeffress

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  • Author: Robert Jeffress

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As Christians, we are promised a home in a place called heaven. We know we will one day leave the familiar behind and enter into the new land, but so many of us only have a vague notion of what's in store. Dr. Robert Jeffress opens up the Scriptures to answer ten questions about heaven:
- Is heaven a real place or is it a state of mind?
- Who will be in heaven?
- Have some people already visited heaven?
- What will we do in heaven?
- Will we know one another in heaven?
- What difference does a future heaven make in my life today?
- Do Christians immediately go to heaven when they die?
- Do people in heaven know what is happening on earth?
- Will heaven be the same for everyone?
- How can I prepare for my journey to heaven?

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