His Mighty Strength: Walk Daily in the Same Power that Raised Jesus from the Dead, by Randy Frazee

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  • Author: Randy Frazee

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Randy Frazee, popular pastor, teaches Christians how to walk day by day in the resurrection power that Jesus experienced.
Christians are promised, through Ephesians 1:20, that we have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. However, most believers have very little idea what this means in their daily life. In reality, the lives of believers hardly look empowered at all as they struggle with everything from depression to calamities to behaviors they can't shake.
In His Mighty Strength, Randy Frazee, pastor of Westside Family Church, examines Jesus' time on earth, from incarnation to baptism to resurrection, to reveal the amazing source of his strength, one to which we have access today. Jesus never ceased seeking direction from the Father, and found the strength to live the Father's will through the Holy Spirit. He continually said yes to God, every day, and Frazee reveals that if we also say yes, the same resurrection power that flowed through Jesus will also strengthen us, inevitably taking us out of what is holding us back and changing our lives for good.