Safe All Along, by Katie Davis Majors

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  • Author: Katie Davis Majors

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We live in a world that is constantly pushing us toward fear and anxiety. Learn how to live with a steady confidence that you are never beyond the reach of God's loving hand, from the bestselling author of Kisses from Katie.

Katie Davis Majors knows how challenging it can be to hold on to peace through the stress-inducing waves of life as a missionary, wife, and mom to fifteen. As our outward circumstances seem increasingly less stable, less peaceful, and less certain, rates of anxiety, worry, and stress only continue to climb. Yet, we serve a God who has promised us an inner peace that surpasses all understanding.

In Safe All Along, Katie shares practical ways to stay connected to God and His peace through the tumultuous times, including trust and thanksgiving, prayer, and presence, rest and remembrance. As you learn to surrender the illusion of control and lean more fully into God's love, you'll discover comfort in knowing that He sees every bend and twist in your life's journey and He will never let you go. Along with guidance for how to handle the challenges of social media, busyness, distraction, ingratitude, and othe rthreats to our personal calm, Katie shows how loving and serving our neighbors transforms our perspective and leads to deeper peace. Most of all, she reminds us, through Bible teaching and personal stories, that our circumstances can't rob us of peace if we intentionally place our confidence in the One who is unshakable.