Shelter In God: Your Refuge In Times Of Trouble, by David Jeremiah, Paperback

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  • Author: David Jeremiah

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Shelter-in-place orders around the globe have many asking, "Does God see us? Can He help us through this nerve-racking time?" Dr. David Jeremiah, New York Times bestselling author, uses the Psalms to show us that God is always walking beside us. Now is the time to Shelter in God.
Dr. David Jeremiah believes comfort can be found in the Psalms, both now during the coronavirus pandemic and during all of life's obstacles. This newly collected volume teaches how finding refuge in God is always our safest place. Shelter in God shares hope for a time of uncertainty and relief to people who are experiencing real troubles and fear.
Dr. Jeremiah shares a message of strength from the bountiful wisdom of God's Word. He teaches us to navigate these challenging seasons, looking in the Psalms to:
- Find ways to worship in times of trouble
- Experience prayer in pressure
- Show grace when you are at your wits' end
- With God's help, triumph over trouble
Shelter in God is a wonderful source of help and encouragement for those facing major challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
Portions of Shelter in God were previously included in Dr. Jeremiah’s classic When Your World Falls Apart.