Start Where You Are, by Rashawn Copeland, Paperback

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  • Author: Rashawn Copeland

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How might you describe your walk with God? Fresh and passionate? Vibrant and full of life? Stagnant? Nonexistent? No matter where you are, that's exactly where God promises to meet you, even if it's messy.
Popular online pastor Rashawn Copeland shares his own story of spiritual drifting, and encourages you to accept yourself as a glorious work in progress, as a beloved child in whom God delights, as a person on the brink of revival. Anchoring his message in Scripture, he reveals how to start your walk with God now, even in the midst of your mess. Even if you are facing addiction, doubt, depression, fear, and years spent running from God, you will learn that it's possible to:
- Find God's love and acceptance
- Develop strong character
- Choose to rejoice
- Move out of your mess
- See life through God's eyes
- Be a loving person in a hateful world
- Never settle for less than God's best
- And more
The change you want to see in the world begins in your own heart. Thankfully, that's right where God is waiting for you.