The Daniel Dilemma: How To Stand Firm And Love Well In A Culture Of Compromise, by Chris Hodges

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  • Author: Chris Hodges

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Chris Hodges, bestselling author and influential pastor, draws from the wisdom of the book of Daniel to reveal how Christians can stand firm in their biblical beliefs while still loving people who represent a vastly different attitude and lifestyle.
Christians face some serious challenges today. How can we stay engaged in the culture and also influence it for good? How can we love people with vastly different attitudes and lifestyles without compromising our biblical beliefs? Christians far and wide are wrestling with questions today regarding issues such as politics, gender identity, and the nature of marriage.
Pastor Chris Hodges directs readers to the book of Daniel for timely answers and reveals how one man with a faithful heart to God stood firm in his faith without yielding to the pagan culture around him or becoming rude, insulting, or mad. Daniel maintained his focus by keeping God's standards high and his grace deep, just like Jesus did. This is what we are called to do even when our culture shifts.

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