The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible, by Mark Batterson

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  • Author: Mark Batterson

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Our impossible situations are God's greatest opportunity to reveal His glory
Sometimes it's hard to believe that God still does miracles. We don't expect Him to move in miraculous ways in our day-in and day-out lives. Maybe we'd like to see miracles, but it's hard to see past our problems.
All that is about to change, like water into wine.
Mark Batterson, bestselling author of The Circle Maker, reveals the incredible power of the seven miraculous signs of Jesus found in the Gospel of John, showing how they are not simply something Jesus did in the past but also something He wants to do now, in the present. Mark shares true stories of people today who are experiencing miracles in their lives. And he brings to light the countless miracles, big and small, we take for granted every day--miracles that point us toward the One who healed the sick, calmed the storm, and yes, even raised the dead.
Nothing has changed since Jesus called Lazarus out of his tomb four days after his funeral. No matter how big the problem is, God is bigger still. If you long to see God work in miraculous ways today, you will love this faith-building, life-giving message.
Chapters include:
Don't Miss the Miracle
- The Day Water Blushed
- Miraculous
- The Lost Miracles
The First Sign
- The Wine Maker
- Six Stone Jars
- One Nudge
The Second Sign
- Supernatural Synchronicity
- God Speed
- The Seventh Hour
The Third Sign
- Very Superstitious
- Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
- The Rule Breaker
The Fourth Sign
- Two Fish
- Lord Algebra
- Count the Fish
The Fifth Sign
- The Water Walker
- Dare the Devil
- Cut the Cable
The Sixth Sign
- Never Say Never
- The Miracle League
- Spit on It
The Seventh Sign
- The Grave Robber
- Even Now
- Risk Your Reputation
- One Little Yes

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