This Beautiful Book, by Steve Green and Bill High, Hardcover

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  • Author: Steve Green
  • With: Bill High

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In This Beautiful Book, Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby and founder of The Museum of the Bible, journeys through themes woven through the mosaic of the Bible's various stories to reveal a new way to engage Scripture as a whole, and inspire a deep appreciation for the Bible's relationship to your life.
While the Bible is the most popular and culture-shaping text in the world, it remains the least understood book of all time.
The Bible's collection of history, poetry, genealogy, and confusing prophecies are often challenging to many readers. When the text is only read in pieces, you're left with only a partial-impression of the vibrant mosaic. This Beautiful Book highlights the thematic threads woven throughout the ancient writings and reveals a new way to engage with Scripture as a whole.
Steve Green shares some of the insights he gained from experiences he had in leading and developing the first world class Bible museum. He invites you to step back from the individual stories of the Bible and consider the Bible as a whole. He reveals the completeness, connection, and transformative power of Scripture. He retells key Bible stories and helps you see the story within the story, drawing you into careful connections that will help you gain a new appreciation for the richness of the Bible story as a single story. Empower your faith in a God who speaks to use across the centuries.
A truly enriching experience, This Beautiful Book will give you a deep appreciation for Scripture and its profound connection to your own life story.