This Dangerous Book, by Steve Green, Jackie Green and Bill High

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  • Author: Steve Green
  • Author: Jackie Green
  • With: Bill High

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One book has sold more copies than any other in history. Yet, it has stirred up more controversy, social upheaval, and international arguments than any other book. It has been instrumental in justifying both love and war. For generations, it has found its way into the hearts of millions, offering comfort, direction, and life-changing truths.
How could a book have so much power? In This Dangerous Book, Steve and Jackie Green review the incredible history and impact of the Bible. They are the founders and visionaries of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., and offer their unique perspective on the Bible's history and impact. Follow the journey of the Bible from its ancient roots to its influence on the morality of nations, to its transformative influence in individual hearts.
The Greens present the challenges they faced in acquiring biblical artifacts from around the world, and why countless generations from various times and locations have risked everything to preserve this precious book.
From ancient tablets, medieval commentaries, and modern translations, This Dangerous Book present the miracles and martydoms that led to the Scriptures we have today. The Greens show how new technology helps shine light on the authenticity of the Bible, including the work of fifty scholars who recently uncovered hidden facts about thirteen unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls fragments. This Dangerous Book examines the link between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, what we can learn from the historical transmission of Scripture, and why God's Word was as foundational to America's past as it is crucial for its future.
The Bible has changed the world and impacted hearts. Whether you have been reading the Bible for years, or you are intrigued about its influence, This Dangerous Book could change your heart too.

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