Awaking Wonder: Opening Your Childs Heart to the Beauty of Learning, by Sally Clarkson

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  • Author: Sally Clarkson

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As a parent, you desire for your children to have a healthy mind and vibrant faith. You want to help them build a strong foundation for years to come. In our fast-paced, outcome-based, technology driven society, it's far too easy to lose sight of the innocence, potential, and uniqueness of each child. Childlike wonder often gets lost in the fog of formulas that distort our view of children through the lens of social expectations.
Awaking Wonder will help parents uncover the hidden potential of their child's imagination, learning capacity, and ability to engage authentically with the world.
Sally Clarkson, bestselling author, will help you connect with your child's heart of wonder through the principles that guided her in raising four children, all of whom made it into adulthood with a vibrant faith intact, and are now thriving in creative, high-performing professions. Through this book, you will:
- Gain confidence in your role as a God-designed guide and teacher for your children
- Help your kids awaken to the wonder all around them
- Develop healthy minds that can stand up against societal norms, providing them with a life-giving education and a love for learning