Becoming MomStrong, by Heidi St. John

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  • Author: Heidi St. John

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Have you ever looked into the eyes of your children and wondered what in the world you got yourself into?
If you're like other Christian moms today, you've been reading headlines and watching the sudden culture shifts with fear and frustration. Moms today are met with challenging questions that previous generations hadn't even anticipated. Even our right to determine what is best for our children is coming under attack.
Popular speaker and blogger, Heidi St. John (The Busy Mom) believes today's mothers require a special kind of strength. They must rely on the strength of the Lord and rest in the power of His might. We cannot rely on human strength for the battles we are facing.
In Becoming MomStrong, Heidi presents a powerful message just for you, the mom in the midst of it all. Through encouragement, practical prayer points, and authentic “me-too” moments, Heidi equips you for a job that only you can do: to train your children to hear God’s voice and to walk in truth no matter where our culture is heading. God wants to use this generation of mothers to do something extraordinary:
- To be strong in the Lord
- To know who you are in Christ, and
- To impart that strength to your kids.
To put it simply, He wants you to be MomStrong! So if you’re feeling tired or inadequate today, get ready to find new strength as you join Heidi St. John in Becoming MomStrong.

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