M Is for Mama, by Abbie Halberstadt, Hardcover

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  • Author: Abbie Halberstadt

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Abbie Halberstadt, mother of ten, helps women humbly and gracefully rise to the calling of motherhood without settling for mediocrity, or losing their minds in the process.

Motherhood is a challenge, and much to our dismay, our worldly culture offers moms little in the way of real help. Moms only connect to celebrate surviving another day, and toe share in their misery instead of rejoice in what God has done to build each other up in hard times. There has to be a better way, a biblical way, for moms to grow and thrive.

As a sister in Christ, you have been called to be more than an average mom. Attaining excellence doesn't have to be unsettling but it will take committed focus and a desire to parent well according to God's grace and for His glory.

M is for Mama shares advice, encouragement, and scripturally supported strategies seasoned with a touch of humor to help you embrace the challenge of biblical motherhood and raise your children with love and wisdom.

Mom, you are worthy of the awesome responsibility God has given you. It's time for you to start believing you can live up to it.