The Crow's Call, Amish Greenhouse Mystery Series, by Wanda E. Brunstetter

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Mysterious events come to a greenhouse in Pennsylvania's Amish country.
When Vernon King, his son, and son-in-law wind up in a terrible accident, three women are left to cope with their deaths, as they become sole providers of the family they have left. Their only source of income is the family greenhouse, but someone is trying to force them out of business.
Amy King just lost her father and brother, and her mother needs help running the family greenhouse. It's not fair to ask her to leave a job she loves, when there is still a sister and brother to help. Yet Sylvia is also grieving for her husband while left to raise three children, and Henry who just got out of school, and is saddled with all the jobs his father and older brother used to do. As Amy takes on her new role, she also asks Jared Riehl to put their courtship on hold. When things get even more stressful at the greenhouse, will Amy crumble under the pressure?