Cloak of Scarlet, Dericott Tale Series, Book 5, by Melanie Dickerson

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  • Author: Melanie Dickerson

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Melanie Dickerson sweeps readers away into a thrilling adventure and charming romance through this exciting retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale.

Violet, named for the unusual color of her eyes, knows nothing about her birth mother. She's formed a close bond with her grandmother, who fills her heart with dreams of true love. When Violet has a chance meeting with Sir Merek, a guard working for the villainous Baron Dunham, she immediately dislikes him. As she works to help others speak out against the baron, Dunham sends a guard to bring her to the castle, and that guard is none other than Sir Merek himself.

Dunham threatens her grandmother to ensure that he can use Violet as a pawn in his power games, attempting to force her into a marriage of his choosing. Despite Merek’s assurances that he is on her side and working to help her, Violet sees no reason to trust him. But as the baron continues to search for any disloyal subjects, Merek finds himself in danger of his own.

Violet and Merek will have to work together to stop Violet’s betrothal, keep her grandmother safe, and convince the king of the baron’s treachery. Along the way, they must decide if they can also trust one another with their hearts.