Rodco, Lavender Anointing Oil, 1/4 Ounce

  • Brand: Rodco

SKU: 3728979

Spike Lavender and Lavender is often used for many of the same uses as Spikenard, or Nard. These aromas are similar, yet belong to distinctly different plant families. Greeks and Romans used Spike Lavender in the ancient times as part of their aroma therapy practices. As you use anointing oil today, you can use this classic scent as you pray over a church member or loved one.
Golden oil is pressed from the choice selected fruit of the olive tree. The oil is procured by import and is then master-blended together in exact proportion with amazing fragrances to be used for the express purpose of anointing and blessing.
- Lavender scent
- Anointing oil
- 1/4 ounce