Swanson, Manischewitz Unsalted Matzos Bread, 10 pieces

  • Brand: Swanson

SKU: 3704137

Break the Matzo bread to share with your church for Eucharist, or communion traditions. This unsalted Matzo bread is all natural, fat free, and sodium free. All 10 Matzos are made with ground whole wheat flour and water. However, it is not kosher for Passover.
Matzo bread is the traditional bread used in some Passover ceremonies. Due to the connection it shares with the Passover heritage, some churches may use it today when they honor the Lord's Supper. If this is your communion bread of choice, then supply your church with enough Matzo for your next communion service, or use it as a snack to illustrate the imagery of the Passover for your children's ministry or more.
- 10 Matzo bread pieces
- Unsalted
- Fat free
- Sodium free
- All natural ingredients
- Made with stone ground whole wheat flour and water