Prefilled Communion Cups with Juice & Wafer, Set of 500

  • Manufactured by: Broadman & Holman

SKU: 2408169

Save time on preparing for your Lord's Supper service with pre-filled communion cups. Pouring juice into individual cups and filling trays with wafers can take quite a bit of time and preparation. Plus, there may be some hygiene concerns with how you distribute the communion elements. With these individually packaged, pre-filled cups with wafers, you can safely distribute the communion elements to your church members.

The Fellowship Cup Prefilled Communion Cups include 500 pre-filled juice cups with unleavened communion wafers. The individual serving cups allow for one-pass servings, so you can distribute the elements quickly and smoothly, saving on prep and serving time. The strong and long-lasting seal lets you store the cups at room temperature with no need for refrigeration. The expiration date is printed on the box, so you know how long the shelf life lasts.

- 500 pre-filled communion cups
- 100% grape juice
- Unleavened wafers
- Ready to serve
- No refrigeration necessary
- Easy access to elements
- One pass serving
- Expiration date printed on the box

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