Good News Tracts, Are You Going To Heaven, Set of 25 Tracts

  • Brand: Good News Tracts
  • Author: William MacDonald

SKU: 2962652

Many people may believe they are entitled to an eternity in heaven, but are they trusting in the wrong things to for their salvation? This gospel tract presents itself like a quiz from a magazine. Readers are asked to check from a list how they can get to heaven:
- Keeping the Ten Commandments
- Gifts to charity
- Doing my best
- Leading a good life
- Good works
- Trying to obey the Golden Rule
- Tithing or giving to the church
- Church membership
- Regular church attendance
- Prayers
- Fasting
- Baptism
- Holy Communion
- Born of Christian parents
- Confirmation
- Penance
- Extreme unction
The tract explores what the Bible has to say about each of these things, and reveals the truth—that salvation is found only through faith in Jesus Christ, and explains the first steps to following Jesus.
- 25 gospel tracts
- Message by William MacDonald
- Scripture taken from the King James Version (KJV)
- 6 pages each

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