B&H Publishing Group, Deacon Badge with Cross, Zinc Alloy, Silver, 2 x 2/3 inches

  • Brand: B&H Publishing Group

SKU: 3733987

As your church staff and congregation mix together on a Sunday morning, you may want to have a way for guests to identify the various roles in the church. That's where a badge can come in handy. This silver-tone badge is made with a sturdy, yet lightweight, zinc alloy. Decorated at top with a cross symbol, the badge is printed with the word: DEACON. The badge attaches easily with a magnetic clasp. Encourage all of your deacons to wear these badges to make it easier for guests to know who serves in which role.
- 2 x 2/3 inch badge
- Deacon inscription
- Silver color
- Magnetic clasp
- Zinc alloy