Gardenfire, Romans 16:20, Mad Bro, Kid's Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Charcoal Heather, YS-YL

  • Brand: Gardenfire
Satan can be down right mean sometimes. From introducing the world to temptation, to encouraging sin. Is there nothing he won't do? For those of us who have read to the end of the Book, we know he won't win! Paul tells us in Romans that the God of peace will bruise Satan under our feet. We can take comfort knowing that Jesus has the final victory, and when we are on His side, there is nothing to fear.
This funny t-shirt illustrates how Jesus will defeat the devil. The cartoon depiction of Jesus stands with his foot over the fallen devil with a word bubble that says: You Mad Bro? Next to the picture is a reference to Romans 16:20.
Gardenfire's high quality, fashionable t-shirts are designed to draw attention so you can share the power of your faith with others. The popular designs and clever cartoons are sure to catch the attention of those around you.
- 50% preshrunk cotton
- 50% polyester
- Part of the FishShticks line
- Inspired by Romans 16:20