Kerusso, Luke 18:1 Don't Quit, Men's Active Short Sleeve T-shirt, Charcoal, S-2XL

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  • Brand: Kerusso
Playing sports can teach valuable lessons that we don't always think about. Learning to function as a member of a team, rather than striving for our own goals, is important. Learning to accept wins and losses gracefully helps in many aspects of every day life. Most importantly, it is key to learn the value of discipline and perseverance. These qualities all translate to our spiritual life as well. This charcoal tone active tee for men connects physical discipline with spiritual discipline with the message:
Pray & Never Give Up
Luke 18:1
Jesus taught the parable about how we should pray and not lose heart. Likewise, competition and training in the physical world teaches us the value of working beyond the results you can see. As we start learning how to exercise spiritually and physically, we can share this important message with anyone who asks what it means to never quit.
The brand Kerusso gets its name from the Greek word for preach. Their high quality fashionable t-shirts are designed to draw attention so you can preach the message of what God has done in your life with those you meet in your daily life.
The soft breathable fabric in this active line of shirts is not only comfortable, but also functional for today's athletic youth. The moisture wicking design helps to keep the body dry and cool during intense exercise. The UPF 30 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) offers protection from the sun's harsh rays.
  • - Luke 18:1 "Don't Quit" Men's Kerusso ACTIVE® T-Shirt in charcoal
  • - Moisture wicking material, anti-microbial, UPF 30 (ultraviolet protection factor)
  • - Tagless neck label
  • - Made of 100% polyester that is snag resistant
  • - Machine wash cold gentle cycle inside out, no bleach or iron, tumble dry low
  • - Comes in sizes small to 2XL