Aero-Motion, Aero-Props, Assorted Colors, 8 x 7.75 Inches, 2-Pack, Ages 4 and up

  • Brand: Aero-Motion

SKU: 3692779

Your kids of all ages will have a great time playing and having contests with Aero-Motion™ Aero-Props™! Each colorful plastic high quality flying propeller is 8 inches long on a 7.75-inch dowel stick and comes 2 per package in bright assorted colors. Kids and adults simply balance the light-weight propeller on the stick, give the stick a quick spin between their palms, and watch their propeller soar up to 30-feet in the air. The controllable flights will challenge everyone to come up with their own creative aero-dynamic tricks!

Parents and teachers can use the Aero-Props™ as a reward or an incentive for your kids ages 4 and up to earn when they reach certain goals or complete a special assignment. Add these hand-powered helicopters to your next kid's party bags as party favors, or use them as game prizes. Have fun contests to see whose Aero-Props™ loops, curves, play catch, flies the farthest and more. Great in classrooms, kids parties, homeschool, carnivals, and more.
**NOTE** This is an assortment item. Listed price is for (1) item only, the color you receive may vary. If you would like to specify a color, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-888-262-7335. If desired color is out of stock, one will be chosen for you based on availability.
  • - Aero-Motion™ Aero-Props™ Hand-Powered Helicopters
  • - 2 per package in bright assorted colors: orange & pink, yellow & pink, and orange & green
  • - High quality flying propeller is 8 inches, dowel handle-stick is 7.75 inches
  • - Controllable tricks and flights up to 30 feet in the air 
  • - Fun classroom reward and incentive, party favor, carnival prize, and more
  • - Great in classrooms, kids parties, homeschool, carnivals, and more for ages 4 and up