See The Light, Art Class Volume 3 Value and Color Lessons 9-12, DVD, by Pat Knepley, Grades K-12

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  • Brand: See The Light
  • Artist: Pat Knepley

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Joining the ranks of DVD or online-based art programs is See The Light, which will appeal especially to Christian families looking for a "pop-in-and-go," easy-to-use art program. The emphasis is on building art skills, particularly drawing skills, and the video lessons are presented in bite-size chunks most are under 20 minutes. The instruction is all on video, presented by Master Artist Pat Knepley, an enthusiastic and energetic personality who seems quite natural in front of the camera.

In this 61 minute DVD you'll find the following 4 lessons:
Lesson 9: ITS NOT JUST BLACK & WHITE Youll focus on the art element of VALUE - the lightness or darkness of your subject matter. Learn to achieve high or low contrast in a drawing.
- Lesson 10: TONE, SHADE & SHADOW One of the hardest things to draw is a sphere. Youll learn easy techniques to do just that with your pencil. Youll make a circle appear 3D using tone, shade and shadow.
- Lesson 11: COLOR, COLOR, COLOR Theres more to color than a rainbow! Make your own color wheel! Learn about primary, secondary, warm and cool colors as you jump into the world of drawing with color.
- Lesson 12: COMPLEMENTS & INTERMEDIATES Focus on color complements (opposites) and inter- mediate colors. They are so important for achieving accurate shadows and realism in your drawings!
- Bonus! THE JOY OF ART with Jim Pence