Brictek, Fire Brigade Jeep Building Kit, Ages 6 Years and Older, 58 Pieces

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  • Brand: Brictek

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Build onto your Brictek® Fire Brigade collection. This kit includes enough pieces to assemble a firefighter's jeep. Slide around the floor, roll it down ramps, or race to the nearest emergency with your mini toy firefighter.
The step-by-step instructions include visual steps to follow. Non readers can build this fire brigade jeep since the instructions only use graphics and numbers. Each step indicates how many of each type of brick is required, and how they come together to complete the steps.
NOTE: This toy will not help in the event of a real fire or emergency.
Brictek® toys are fully compatible with other leading brands of plastic brick toys. Expand with other sets or use these toys to add on to similar toys.
- 58 pieces
- Fire brigade jeep kit
- Wheels actually spin, so it can roll across smooth surfaces
- Includes mini firefighter figurine
- For ages 6 and older
- Compatible with other leading brands